Thursday, November 06, 2008


I want to thank all my supporters who helped on my campaign and those who supported my candidacy on November 4th. The two days just prior to the election were just amazing. Had there been two weeks left, the election would have been different. Many people contacted me and said they had voted early and had no idea of my campaign until they saw/heard the debate. Though the morning paper did a very pore job of reporting the debate, the fact remains that many people who were either Souder or Montagano supporters called me informing me of their support.

I believe it necessary more now than ever before that we as a Nation cure our addiction to borrowing money. Politicians must stop creating deficits, borrowing money and giving the debt to our children and grandchildren. This is responsible for the economic crisis we are in now.

I woman I work with has been trying to close on a house for somewhere around five months. The bank seems to be having difficulty with new mortgage rules and loan money is scarce.

The price of gas has falling by 50%, but we are only in the eye of the "energy" hurricane. We must not allow the momentum towards our future energy source to slow just because gas prices have fallen.

The latest news on the Bailout is that executives who are prosecuted for wrong doing have signed contracts that their companies pay all legal fees. This means the bailout money, OUR MONEY, could be used by these crooks to defend themselves against government charges.

Yes, it is critical that we watch our representatives very closely.


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