Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Break is longer

It is getting cold and Turkey day is fast approaching. When I was in K-12, we had two days off, Thursday and Friday. However, this year once again, my children have Wednesday off as well. This is one of the contributing reasons why the school year started August 12 and why they will let out for summer break later.

I gave a presentation on Year Round Education in North Carolina. One of my slides supporting the traditional calendar was one of children playing at the beach. The day of the presentation was in April and it was a cold, wet and dreary day. Had YRE been in practice on that day, school would have been out. I asked how many people would trade a day in the summer “The beach picture” for this cold, wet and dreary day. The reaction of those in attendance was dramatic. No one would trade a sunny war day for a cold, wet and dreary day, yet for some reason our school boards seem to think this is what people want.

The bright side is Pokagon’s toboggan run is opening soon and my family will make its yearly pilgrimage to ride the icy steel slide.


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