Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mayor Henry - dumbing down

Mayor Henry signed the light ordinance yesterday saying that is was not that weak of an ordinance, yet wanted small changes to exclude sporting events and holiday lights. We hear about dumbing down of America. We seek perfection in schools. Is this signing not a good example of mediocrity? If the bill was not that weak, but needed only small changes why not veto the bill and have the city council make the small changes and resubmit the ordinance? Why allow mediocrity at this low level?

However, on a more important note, if light is a nuisance, why then define sporting events with lots of lights as not a nuisance? Why exclude any particular light from the ordinance? Do the wishes of the many our weight the wishes of the few? Should the state be excluded from abiding by its own ordinance?

We also see mediocrity in the bailout, lifeline or rescue plans floating around. All agree that they need to protect the taxpayer, yet there are no provisions. All agree that this will not save the auto industry, but it is a start. If the consensus is, it will not save the auto industry by itself, what will? Why travel into the unknown without at a least a contingency plan? All agree that the cost in building a car is too great and that buyers choose based on cost and quality. Unless the cost comes down, the big three will not be able to compete on a level sufficient to survive. Therefore, they must agree to cut costs that allow a sustainable business plan that can work.

We do not throw good money after bad. If you want taxpayers help, then you need to sacrifice more than those you are asking the help from.

Bad or known legislation that needs to be fixed later, should never be passed to begin with. There is no assurance that the required changes will ever be made after it passes.


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