Monday, December 15, 2008

Wind Power Update

Who believes wind power cannot deliver as much as nuclear power?

Today “National Wind Solutions, Inc. (PinkSheets:NWND) announced today a Letter of Intent to lease 210 acres of land in Central Texas for a major new wind power project. The Agreement gives the Company access to land for the development of a 30 Mwh wind farm. Once completed the wind farm is expected to generate over $60 million in revenue over ten years.”

The company plans installing twenty 1.5 Mwh wind turbines. GE announced this year it has shipped its 10,000th 1.5 Mwh wind turbine. This is 15,000 Mwh or the equivalent of seven nuclear power plants without producing ANY radioactive waste! GE has been selling wind turbines for five years. Seven Nuclear power plants would have cost at least $5 billion each and during the past five years not one would have been placed in service even if it had been approved and construction started.


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