Tuesday, December 09, 2008

NWAC - Planning

I heard on WOWO at about 7:30 am that a vehicle on Carroll Road struck a pedestrian. I have had to take my daughter to Carroll a couple of times this school year. The traffic in the area of Bethel and Carroll Road is just terrible. The construction at Carroll High School has made the drop off students and residents attempting to get to work a nightmare.

I met with the demographer and superitendent of NWAC concerning the demographic studies a couple of years ago. It was my opinion a second high school should be built instead of one large school. This would have eliminated the congestion we now see with construction as well as reduced the traffic in this residential neighborhood in the future. I can only imagine when the school reaches its capacity of 2,800 students just what the traffic will be like. I certainly would not want to live in this area and have to deal with this every morning.

How much money would NWAC schools have saved by constructing a second high school located several miles away in terms of fuel, transportation time, maintenance on busses, congestion, and redundancy? What will NWAC do when the capacity is exceeded? Will they add on again or build a new high school, thus having one super sized and one small high school? Have they even thought this far a head? I know that it is too late to turn back the clock, but we should keep in mind who made the decision to renovate Carroll instead of constructing another school when it is time to vote for our school board.


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