Friday, May 08, 2009

Sheriff’s Merit Board votes to screw taxpayers

The sheriff’s department has requested the County Council approve $366,000 for pension increases. Apparently a retired sheriff has filed suit alleging he is entitled to a higher retirement benefit because Allen County pays less than other counties. This lump sum would pay RETROACTIVELY BACK TO 1995 and add a few hundred dollars a month to retirees. First question, are all counties required to pay the same pension? Second question, does the state set the sheriff’s department pensions for employees?

How many would like to bring suit against their employers when the find out their pensions are not as good as others? This sounds like the “equivalent” pay for different occupations where the identify positions that should be paid the same, even though they do totally different tasks, demand for their skills may be totally different, yet they are perceived to be as equally important.

If they want to pay higher pensions, then they need to increase because of legislation. Retroactive means those who received the benefit of the sheriff's department did not pay for their benefits, but left it for a later generation to pay for. Allen County Council needs to vote this down.


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