Thursday, March 30, 2006

Multi Issue Candidate

I’m William Larsen, a candidate for Indiana’s 3rd district U.S. Representative. I’m a navy veteran, engineer, husband and father of five children. I want to restore the American Dream, where in a land of opportunity an individual can work hard and prosper.

The war has created thousands of casualties; we must safeguard and strengthen our Veterans benefits. We need to restore our personal freedoms that are under attack. After 47 years of continuous deficits, its time we balanced the budget. In 2005 our representatives spent $726 billion more than we paid in taxes. It’s unfair to pass this burden onto our children.

The tax code is 7,500 pages of exemptions, credits and deductions for special interests. I want to reform the tax code so it’s fair, less than 50 pages and takes ten minutes to complete the tax form without professional help. We need a 21st century energy source that is truly renewable, clean, efficient, reliable and cost effective to replace the centuries old fuel conversion process of burning. I want to return education to the states.

Since 1983 social security has been working on resolving its latest funding problem. It is no closer to a solution now than it was in 1937. Social security has earned 8.6% compounded continuously since 1980, but as a middleman will pay you a 0% return. It’s a dreadful value. I propose all workers keep what was the social security old age tax paid by employee/employer in their own accounts.


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