Monday, August 20, 2007

Aqua Indiana Vs Fort Wayne Water & Sewer

Aqua Indiana is proposing to double its water and sewer rates. The reason is it spent about $900 per customer to upgrade its system to meet EPA requirements, which are the same requirements, that Fort Wayne must comply with. How many residents are within the city of Fort Wayne? At $900 a customer, the City of Fort Wayne is looking at well over $200 million to comply. How many know about this?

Maybe instead of trying to attract companies with a fancy new ball stadium, they should be focusing on infrastructure problems and keeping property taxes low. Low property taxes promote growth. It makes it an attractive place to live as well as provide a low cost of doing business.

No person or company wants to be saddled with someone else’s long term problems. Therefore, we need to focus on the problems and solve them instead of trying to bait others with the illusion that we are doing so great that we can afford to build ball stadiums.


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