Saturday, November 03, 2007

Side Walks and Alleys

Tom Henry is offers plan to fix city’s sidewalks and alleys. This is great. How much will it cost? Again we are talking about spending MORE money. As with any family budget, we (most of us) live on a fixed income. We cannot and do not generally buy anything we want. We have to say no to our kids when they want something.

  • $500 million - Fort Wayne Community Schools need fixed, but will it take $500 million?
  • $500 Million – EPA mandate to separate storm and sewage sewers.
  • $214 Million -Unfunded Police and Fire Pensions growing at 5% or more each year!
  • $85 Million - The Allen County Library expanded and we are paying for these bonds.
  • $46 million - City Council voted to spend $46 million on Harrison Square (bond funding)
  • $36 Million - Kitty Hawk filed for Bankruptcy – could cost taxpayers $36 Million.
  • $4 Million - Omni Source Property?
  • City side walks to make it safe to walk need fixed, but what is the cost? Sounds more like a sound bite, feel good thing, but I bet it will it survive after the election.
  • North River Front Development?
  • One council member thought that local pools should have reduced admission to those who live in the area. The parks belong to everyone, not just those who live in the local vicinity. If we want reduced fees to use the pools, great, but it should apply to everyone in the city and a cost needs to be defined.

How many other projects are there? How many bonds are currently outstanding? What is the priority of these projects? Should we take care of necessities first?


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