Friday, March 31, 2006

Souder Officially Declines to Debate

Sylvia Smith reported in the Journal Gazette on 3-29-2006 there would be
no debate. The reasons Souder gave are:

  • He debated in 2002 because Helmke “knew what he was talking about.”

  • Debates in primaries are “usually just a sniping session.”

  • Larsen “is not a serious contender” and that they agree on a lot of issues.

  • “I don’t need to stand up and hear, ‘We need to get rid of Social Security’ 18 million times,”

I really would like to debate the issues, but Souder will not. I dislike wasting time pointing out obvious flaws or in this case to snip, but is this not what Souder is doing? Souder says we agree on a lot of issues while at the same time infers I do not know what I am talking about. So if we agree on a lot of issues, but I do not know what I am talking about, does this mean Souder does not know what he is talking about?

Mark Souder spoke to Prime Time 39 on 3-12-2004 and referred to Social Security as a "shell game."He stated, "For people under 30 itsprobably going to be income based. I am not saying we're going to pass that. It will probably be passed after I am dead."He continued "If you're 40, you might make it through the system. But if you're under 40, andcertainly under 30, you had better start planning because if you wantto have a decent retirement you’re going to need supplemental funds."

Who would you rather have fix Social Security, Larsen or Souder? He knows there is a problem, yet he is doing nothing about it and he does not want hear about it. The only fix he has is to tell our children to plan on saving a lot more because SS will be income based by they time they reach retirement age. What is the purpose of a U.S. Representative? Is it to ignore the really big problems and or talk about renaming high ways?

On Budget Deficits, Souder voted for the Rx drug program that willcause the deficit this year to increase by $45 Billion if not moreand add over $3 Trillion to the national debt over twenty years. It’syour kid’s future Souder is mortgaging. But why does he notcare? Pretty simple he will be dead by the time the problem sinks theeconomy. In scouting we leave a camp site in the same if not bettercondition than when we found it. I believe we leave this country isthe same if not better condition than when we inherited it. Too badSouder does not have the same moral value.

Souder seems very pleased the military ordered more Humvees. They are built in the 3rd district. The problem is this. Is the Humvee the best vehicle for our troops in Iraq? Sure the Humvee is mobile, maneuverable and fast, but how does this help in the streets of Baghdad where the roads are narrow? Why not use those heavy armored vehicles sitting in the desert that were built for the cold war and now replaced by the Humvee? What vehicle would you rather be in, a Humvee or an armored half track with a 50 caliber mounted on top?

Souder says he cares for veterans, yet is a conscientious objector. I am a navy veteran. I served my country. I gave blood for my country. I know what it is like to lay in a hospital bed for months recuperating from wounds received in the line of duty. I know what it is like to try and get treatment from the VA hospital in Fort Wayne as well as Indianapolis. We have over 15,000 casualties from this war. These service men and women who VOLUNTEERED will live with these wounds the rest of their lives. I will definitely support the military men and women who serve today as well as all veterans.


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