Friday, April 07, 2006


Today I completed my TV mini series on Social Security called "Snookered." Show #1 dealt with what went wrong with social security. Show's #2 and #3 dealt with changes and how Social Security works. Show #4 dealt with the magnitude of change needed to make a difference.

The last show they say was the best. It covered seven different proposals:

  1. Robert Ebeling who proposes we sell federal lands.
  2. Robert Ball who proposes five small changes.
  3. Peter Ferrara who proposes recognition bonds
  4. Allen Smith, economist proposes to move the Trust fund to marketable US Treasuries
  5. CATO Institute version of personal accounts
  6. President Bush’s personal account
  7. William Larsen's plan
It should start airing after April 17.

We are also looking at doing a live call in.


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