Saturday, April 01, 2006

Are my posts informative or boring?

I am using this blog as a means to answer questions, present my views that I cannot do on my web site easily. Do you find the information I post to be of use or interesting? Or do you find my posts to be long-winded and boring? Your feed back would be greatly appreciated.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger Andrew Kaduk said...

I find your posts to be very interesting, but it may be that there is too much info for the average Joe-Schmoe voter. Most voters vote for candidates based on one of two things: Party Affiliation and/or Name Recognition. Many voters in this area cannot even wrap their minds around a simple classified ad (ever placed one in the Peddlers Post? You'll get 20 phone calls, 19 of which ask you questions that you clearly answered IN YOUR AD). Most of the people that turn out for primaries are party-liners...and unfortunately for you, they tend to be older (unfortunate in the respect that most of them do NOT want to challenge Social Security...and that's the way you've been painted). For those of us who pay attention, you are a gimme choice for Congress. You need to make your message bigger somehow...

At 9:07 PM, Blogger Alex M. said...

Mr. Larsen --

At least you make your platform publicly known. For that, say all you need to.

At 4:03 AM, Blogger William Larsen said...

Andrew and Alex, thanks for the comments. In 2002 I was responsible for one of the News Sentinel's questions posed to candidates being changed to Social Security. In 2004 the News Sentinel again posed a question on Social Security because they thought it to be very important. This year in 2006 the Elkhart Truth, Albion Times as well as another paper have for the first time requested questionnaires completed by candidates, all asked for 200 word answers to Social Security.

To night I convinced two young people who had not registered to do so on Monday and vote for me. Will they, it is hard to say, but when one followed me out to the parking lot and asked another question, I think the person was genuinely interested. Will they tell their friends, family and co-workers, I do not know? Again my campaign is word of mouth based on truth and fairness.

It is a slow process, but each day I remember I am doing this for my children and all other young americans.


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