Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fixed Income

Again today I read in the paper about a person writing to say they are on a fixed income and how bad things are. My question to all those out there, is this, what is a fixed income? Are we not all on a fixed income? Those who are retired and receiving Social Security at least get a cost of living allowance equal to the change in inflation. If age 65, they are eligible for Medicare. Looking at these two programs, many are doing far better than wage earners whose healthcare contributions rise far faster than the Medicare premiums and whose wages my have not been increased at all. Then the wage earner has been faced with pay and benefit cuts.

The fact is the majority of us are on fixed incomes. City Council has to remember that we the taxpayers are not made of money and that the well is not bottomless. There is a limit and that limit has been reached. We are all face the same old problem, too many expenses, too little income with government taking its cut first without any regard.


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